ANZPT Sydney: Sour dessert leaves us with five

We're not sure what the players ate at dinner, but our final seven have quickly become five after the fast and furious eliminations of Oliver Speidel and Craig Blight.

It was a sour dessert for Blight who was quickly all in just moments after the resumption of play. In fact, Liam O'Rourke was barely into his seat when he found pocket fives and made the call to be racing with Blight's ace-queen.


Blight caught a queen on the turn and an ace on the river but it was all too late as the board of 5♠3♠6♣Q♥A♥ delivered yet another set for O'Rourke. Blight picked up $29,965 for his 7th place.

Meanwhile Oliver Speidel was breathing on fumes at the dinner, having been severely dented prior to the break after losing a race with ace-king against Jason O'Brien's pocket fives. Speidel had to gamble and was forced all in with ten-seven to find himself racing with the pocket fours of Anthony Aston. The board bricked out 2♣K♠3♣8♥K♣ to leave the pair in front and send $39,185 in change to the Aussie Millions champ.


With five players left, Liam O'Rourke is still in the lead but it's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. O'Rourke has been splashing around relentlessly and he's getting plenty of action (and a little trouble) from Jason O'Brien and Stewart Ballard. Meanwhile Gordon Huntly and Anthony Aston appear pretty content to sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

In a recent hand, Liam O'Rourke had a chance to win half of the chips in play when his T♦9♦ was all in on a flop of A♦T♣9♥. Jason O'Brien made the call for his tournament life with A♣8♥ for top pair, and while the 3♥ turn was a brick, the river 8♦ delivered a better two pair for the double up for O'Brien.

Moments later it was O'Rourke's chance to be the river rat when he splashed around preflop with 8♥3♠ - a slightly speculative holding. Stewart Ballard made the call preflop and again on the flop of 4♠3♥J♣, before both players checked the 7♦ turn. Ballard fired a hefty bet on the 8♠ river but O'Rourke quickly called with his two pair as Ballard's K♥J♥ was forced into the muck.

The action is certainly plentiful with the hyper-aggressive O'Rourke up to 3.6 million in chips. Ballard is next best with 2 million but you get the feeling they could tangle in a monster pot at any moment!

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