ANZPT Sydney: The hunter and the jeweller

With the second level of today's play approaching a conclusion, a couple of big stacks have started to put a bit of a gap between themselves and the rest of the field.

Scotsman Gordon Huntly appears to be the first player to crack 200,000 and we decided to wander over to find out a little about how he got those chips, but Huntly was a little tight-lipped.

Usually that's a sign of a bad beat story.


Speaking to a few railbirds we believe that Huntly inflicted some pain on popular West Aussie Vesko Zmukic when Huntly flopped a straight with king-queen to crack Zmukic's pocket aces. We later spotted a furious Zmukic on the rail who confirmed the story through clenched teeth with the steam still rising from his forehead.

Meanwhile Huntly, who is based out of Thailand, is sitting pretty, although he does have to deal with the verbal barrage of boisterous Queenslander Steve Lindeblad seated at the same table.


"Steve The Jeweller" as he is known, has been on fire with lashings of sharp one-liners at pretty much everyone on his table.

"When are you going to come out of the castle at the bottom of the tank and play?" Lindeblad spat at Andrew Li.

Then moments later Li responded with a cold four-bet from the blinds to 14,800. It followed an open to 3,100 and a three-bet to 6,700 from Lindeblad himself in position. The initial raiser five-bet to 35,100 which caused Lindeblad to fold in disgust.

"Nice hand you cookie! I hope you choke on it!" he declared before slamming his cards into the muck. Li was also quick to follow with a fold as Lindeblad went off again.

"What hand are you messing around with you kookaburra?" spouted Lindeblad.

"I had a hand," defended Li.

"Could you beat jacks? No, you couldn't. I folded jacks!" exclaimed Lindeblad, all with a wry smirk on his face. Most of the table are pretty tolerant of Lindeblad's antics although Huntly did comment that he was starting to think about reaching for the headphones.

"I have headphones. I couldn't be bothered removing the sim card from my phone to listen to music, but I'm starting to reconsider!" laughed Huntly.

Meanwhile overnight chip leader Toby Ryall has increased his stack to now sit with 280,000 for the largest stack in the room.

"I've been playing good and running bad," laughed Ryall with tongue-in-cheek as obviously his good form from day one was carrying into today.

At the moment we have 140 players still alive as we approach the first break of the day.

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