ANZPT Sydney: The shark has been scoped

As we move into the sixth level of play for the day and it appears that Andrew Li has emerged as the chip leader with an impressive stack of 107,000. But it appears that tablemate Tom Grigg has been quick to scout his opposition.

"Here's his SharkScope!" laughed Grigg as he handed yours truly his iPhone. Resisting the urge to take his phone and hack his Facebook status, I took a look at the squiggly lines I was being shown.

It appeared that the man behind the biggest stack in the room was not a player to be taken lightly. Under the PokerStars handle of "azntracker", Mr. Li had amassed an impressive record with a healthy six-figure profit playing sit and go's with average buy-in of $171 over 115,000 games. His online MTT record was similarly impressive with $50k in profit with results dating back to 2007.

Those are some solid stats.


"Yeh, but he's on a $100k downswing," laughed Grigg optimistically as he looked down at his own stack which pretty much resembled the same as what he started the day with.

We discovered that Li was actually from Virginia in the United States but is part of the throng of online players that ventured out to Australia to grind online poker post Black Friday. Dan Kelly and Jim Collopy are two others playing today who did likewise. Unlike those two, Li decided to base himself out of Sydney where he has a couple of months left on his Visa here before he moves to Hong Kong.

Li has the biggest stack in the room at the moment and will be a genuine threat as this event continues. The only other stack in the room above 100,000 is Nabil Edgtton, who took out the Teams Event with Alex Antonios just a few nights ago. Sam Capra, Dan Kelly and Michael Kanaan are also progressing well. Earlier in the day hostess Lynn Gilmartin caught up with the defending champ for a quick chat:

At the other end of the scale some notable casualties include Andrew Hinrichsen, David Steicke, Aaron Benton, Jonathan Karamalikis and Tom Grigg who was felled when his pocket aces were cracked by the pocket tens of Peter Aristidou. Currently there are 155 players remaining in today's Day 1a flight with a couple more levels to play before we wrap up for the day.

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