ANZPT Auckland: Is The Champion Here on Day 1b?

The early stages of a poker tournament are no doubt important, but it's so far away from the final table, that it is hard to predict who will be among the final nine. Walking around today's Day 1b field at ANZPT Auckland and we have recognised plenty of players. One of them could be the champion. The hard part is predicting who it could be.


Day 1b currently has around 50 players registered

One of the players in today's field who knows exactly what it takes to finish strong on the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour is Mishel Anunu. Hailing from Australia, Anunu took to his seat late today, casually strolling in, calm and collected as usual.

This year has been a big year for Anunu. Throughout the course of the year, and during Season 4 of the ANZPT, Anunu posted a very impressive resume of tournament winnings in excess of $200,000. This includes a six-figure win in the PokerStars Warm-Up back in April. When Anunu scored the ANZ Player of the Year, he was awarded a PokerStars sponsorship worth $28,000.


Mishel Anunu will be looking to crush Season 5 of the ANZPT

Another player who has a solid time at the ANZPT felt is Didier Guerin. Back in May, Guerin final tabled ANZPT Perth, eventually finishing in 6th place. That score was worth a healthy $13,950 and along with a few other solid results, Guerin ended up in third place on the ANZ Player of the Year leader board. Unfortunately third is worth a whole lot of nothing and so Guerin will be looking to go a couple of places better this season.

Sam Razavi was another player who strolled into the SKYCITY Auckland poker room late. Razavi is certainly one of the media's favourite players and not only because he treated us all to dinner after his APPT Melbourne victory earlier this year. Razavi is simply one of the nice guys and despite hailing from the UK, has become a welcomed regular on the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour and Asia Pacific Poker Tour.


'Travelling the World and Winning Tournaments' by Sam Razavi

Any of the above players are certainly in contention to make a run at the ANZPT Auckland title, but at the end of the day, they are only three of many. How many exactly? Well, as of right now there are roughly 50 players at the tables. That amount is a little lower than expected, but we are quite sure that there will be a few more entries before registration closes.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Auckland