ANZPT Auckland: One Among the Locals

I was having a scan through the posts I have written over the last two days of poker action and realised there was a terrible bias on the PokerStars Blog. Sure, I have written plenty about what New Zealand has to offer and what Auckland has to offer, but what about the Kiwi poker players?

By our count, there were 40 players from New Zealand who took their seats on Day 1b the ANZPT Auckland Main Event today. That's more than two thirds of the 56-player field that ponied up the NZ$2,200 to sit at felt this evening. Most of the 16 other players do hail from Australia, but that's no reason for me to ignore the Kiwis.

One New Zealander who is hard to ignore is Richard Lancaster. Currently sitting at Table 1, Lancaster has been happily chatting away with people at his table and is clearly a well-liked player. Don't let the smiles fool you though, Lancaster knows how to play poker and he will take your chips.


Richard Lancaster knows what it takes to go deep in Auckland

Back in 2009, Richard Lancaster would burst onto the scene with his first major live tournament final table. It was the second time the Asia Pacific Poker Tour would be held at this very casino and the Kiwis were certainly making the most of it, with four of the nine final table members being from New Zealand. Eventually Lancaster would bow out in a solid 5th place, collecting NZ$42,606 and from that moment, Lancaster would become a regular on the ANZPT and APPT.

Interestingly, it was fellow Kiwi Simon Watt who would claim the 2009 APPT Auckland title. Watt didn't join Lancaster at the tables here on Day 1b, but he has been spotted in the poker room today and so we are sure he will be involved in tomorrow's third and final Day 1 flight.

Lancaster is currently one of 31 players who are at the tables at this very moment and he has a healthy stack of just over 30,000. Lynn Gilmartin had a chat to Lancaster just a short while ago. Check out that video bellow and get to know one of the prominent local players in tonight's ANZPT Auckland field.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Auckland