ANZPT Auckland: Those That Do and Those That Don't

A gold bracelet for winning a poker tournament. It's not exactly synonymous with New Zealand poker, but that could very well change this week. Apart from a six-figure score, the eventual winner of the ANZPT Auckland Main Event will go home with two trophies. One beautifully carved glass trophy and for the first time, a prestigious SKYCITY Festival of Poker gold bracelet.


The illustrious gold bracelet of Auckland poker

The World Series of Poker has awarded a gold bracelet for the winners of their events for decades. It's become an important part of poker history. It's an awesome stat to have on a poker resume, but more importantly, the bracelet can be held onto with pride for the rest of a poker player's life. Even better? Imagine showing up to a home game with a gold bracelet on the wrist. It might seem a little pompous to your poker buddies, but at the end of the day, they are probably just envious that you were able to win a major poker event.

"There are two types of poker players," SKYCITY Casino tells us. "Those that have bracelets and those that don't." We have just received word that it is looking like this event will feature a field of more than 200 players. That means at least 199 players will fall into the "those that don't" category. Only one player can win the SKYCITY Auckland Festival of Poker. On Sunday evening, the bracelet will leave the trophy cabinet here in the Nation's Clubrooms and will find a new home.


Only one person can walk away with the gold bracelet

We have passed the halfway mark of Day 1b of the ANZPT Auckland Main Event and the larger chip stacks have started to emerge. At the moment it is Trevor Smart who has the largest chip stack with around 85,000 in chips. It looks like the next closest player is Wen Tao with 63,000 and then Tim Foley is in the mix with 57,000. One of these players could find themselves at the final table come Sunday and in with a chance to win the first-ever gold bracelet awarded in a major event in New Zealand.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Auckland