ANZPT Melbourne: ANZ Player of the Year returns for Season 5

With our players now deep into the money, we thought it might be a good opportunity to take a look at the Australia New Zealand Player of the Year award which is back for Season 5.

Once again over AU$40,000 in prizes will be awarded to the two players who grab the most number of points during ANZPT Season 5.


Participation points are handed to all players who enter eligible events this season, with additional bonus points awarded to those who finish in the money. All ANZPT Main Events and selected APPT Main Events in Australia and New Zealand will qualify with weighting given according to the number of entrants in each event.

The ANZ Player of the Year winner will receive a sponsorship package with PokerStars valued at AU$28,000. The prize includes entry into four APPT Season 8 events as well as US$1,500 towards travel and accommodation.

The ANZ Player of the Year runner up will receive sponsorship into four ANZPT Season 6 events as well US$1,000 towards travel and accommodation. The package is valued at AU$13,000.

Last season it was Mishel Anunu who collected a min-cash in the final event to nudge past Anthony Aston to claim the title. Anunu was an early casualty in this event, but Aston has carried his form into this season as he sits well-placed to make a run at the final table with 23 players currently remaining in contention.


All money winners in this event have earned bonus points, but of course our champion will take a healthy lead in the ANZ POTY race due to the large field, and points weighting, for this event.

Australia New Zealand Player of the Year Honour Roll

1st Mishel Anunu
2nd Anthony Aston
3rd Didier Guerin

1st Danny Chevalier
2nd Leo Boxell
3rd Jesse McKenzie

1st Tony Hachem
2nd John Maklouf
3rd Andrew Scarf

1st Tony Hachem
2nd Chris Levick
3rd Joel Dodds


One man who has grinded his way into the money and the points is Michael Guzzardi. He's been short for most of the day but picked up some cards at the right times to now be in contention:

@PokerStars in Melbourne