ANZPT Melbourne: Bang, bang, double bang!

We waited what felt like an eternity for the first elimination of this final table but as soon as the players took a break, it's gone bang, bang, double bang, with now three more players on the rail, including a double elimination to see us down to the final five.

First to go was Anthony Aston. He opened with a raise to 55,000 before Paul Hockin three-bet to 160,000 from the big blind. Aston responded by moving all in but Hockin made the call with pocket queens as Aston would need help with his ace-jack. The board ran out K♠2♠2♣5♠8♠ to see Aston kick-start his ANZPT season with a nice result with $18,975 for 8th place. Not bad for a sponsored freeroll!


Aston's elimination sparked action as the short stacks took their chance at getting back into contention. Igal Augarten doubled up with pocket tens against Ashley Warner's ace-jack, but Warner got his revenge with a massive double KO moments later.

It was a crazy hand that started with Karan Punjabi moving all in from under the gun for 275,000. Warner made the call next to act, and it folded around to Augarten who also called to take a flop of J♥J♠9♥.


When the flop arrived, Augarten decided to move all in for his last 405,000 but Warner wasn't going anywhere with his K♣K♠ as he made the call. Augarten was in trouble with A♦Q♦ as Punjabi held even less hope with his 8♦8♥.


The turn and river bricked out to see both Punjabi (7th - $24,150) and Augarten (6th- $31,050) sent crashing to the rail as Warner extended his stack to a massive 2.6 million with five players remaining.

@PokerStars in Melbourne