ANZPT Melbourne: Embracing technology

Over the years, poker players have embraced the use of technology. Through the evolution of online poker, to the growth of social media, there is no doubt that the online medium has made it easier for poker players to stay up to date with news and communicate to each other from all around the world.

Well, we are pleased to report that technology is also being embraced here on the ANZPT.

ANZPT head honcho Danny McDonagh just wandered over to our desk to let us know of the major advancements in technology that the tour is making in this region.

"I just followed my first ever person on Twitter!" McDonagh exclaimed proudly. "I've had an account for three years and I have 7 followers!" he added.


Danny McDonagh keeping a close eye on his twitter account for new followers

We had to check out @DannyMcDonagh, half hoping that Danny secretly had thousands of tweets that no one knew about...but alas.

"You haven't made any tweets Danny," we explained, "but we can help you get some more followers!"

What we're going to do is run a competition to help Danny get some more followers and try to get him to make his first big, bad, scary tweet to the world.

So if you'd like to enter this competition, the first step is to follow @DannyMcDonagh on Twitter. Don't be confused by the other poor Danny McDonagh at @DannyMcDonagh1, who was obviously pretty disappointed to miss out on snagging that prized handle.

Then you need to tweet something at Danny. Be creative and get a reaction! The first person to get Danny to respond with a re-tweet will win an APPT player's bag full of goodies which they can collect in person from Danny at any live event they attend in Australia, New Zealand or Asia. They will also have the honour of forever being the Australian Poker Hall of Famer's first tweet. Priceless!

So hurry up, get tweeting and help Danny into your virtual world!

@PokerStars in Melbourne