ANZPT Melbourne: It's all about the money

The prize pool for the 2012 ANZPT Melbourne Main Event has been released and we have the payouts for you right there. The top 41 players will finish in the money with a min-cash worth AU$3,450. Reaching the final table of nine will net AU$13,800 while top prize is an impressive AU$172,500.

2012 ANZPT Melbourne Payouts

1st $172,500
2nd $109,710
3rd $61,065
4th $47,610
5th $37,950
6th $31,050
7th $24,150
8th $18,975
9th $13,800
10-12th $9,660
13-15th $7,935
16-18th $6,900
19-21st $5,865
22-24th $5,175
25-27th $4,485
28-32nd $4,140
33-36th $3,795
37-41st $3,450


For some, just reaching the money will be their only goal at this stage. They may have satellited into this event for just a few dollars online or through one of Crown's step satellites. Taking $3,450 back home will make it all worthwhile. For others, they will only have an eye on the title, the trophy and $172,500 in prize money. It's not life changing money but it certainly solves a few problems, that's for sure.

With a level and a half still to be played today, the man in best shape to reach a share of the loot is Crown Poker regular Jim Mastorakos. He has around 65,000 chips with Sam Georgios, Luis Arrilucea, Aaron Benton and Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang close behind.

They still have a way to go to reach Billy Jordanou's target of 125,000 from Day 1a. It's interesting how often we note that the biggest stack emerges from the flight with the fewest players...and we're not sure why. However normally we also see a bigger field in the latest flight. With a large number of PokerStars qualifiers playing yesterday, that trend has been switched here in this event, so we'll have to wait and see whether the big stack will emerge from today's field.


Earlier in the evening, PokerStars hostess Lynn Gilmartin caught up with Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang to talk about this event and his travel plans:

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