ANZPT Melbourne: Izzy flips out

Ismail Ismail is the next to go as our ANZPT Melbourne final table has rapidly reached the final four players.

Ismail battled the short stack for large portions of the tournament, but he stayed tight and picked his spots to strike with great efficiency.

After surviving to reach the final five players, Ismail looked down at the A♠ and that was enough to commit his entire stack of 230,000. Action folded to Michael Lo Giudice who made the call in the small blind with T♣T♠. Ismail turned his cards over and squeezed the reveal of A♠K♥ as the race was on.

The flop was spread and Ismail caught a king but a ten in the window on the flop of T♥3♠K♣ gave Lo Giudice a commanding advantage with his set. The A♦ brought a small sweat, but the river fell the 8♥ to see Ismail sent to the rail.


After finishing 10th at the APPT/ANZPT Grand Final in Melbourne in August, Ismail adds another strong result to his resume with 5th place worth $37,950 in prize money.

And with that, we're now down to four. Ashley Warner is still in front with 2.6 million, Michael Guzzardi has 2 million, Paul Hockin sits with 1.2 million while Michael Lo Giudice is now up to 1 million.

@PokerStars in Melbourne