ANZPT Melbourne: Matusik misses

The first two hours of play on this final table were intense. There were very few big pots of note with the clock wind back failing to create the action we were looking for. We did get close to losing two players in one hand though, when Michael Guzzardi and Ismail Ismail were both all in, but Michael Lo Giudice decided to fold pocket nines. Guzzardi and Ismail both showed ace-queen and Lo Giudice was left to rue his decision when the board ran out 9♠Q♠3♠K♦J♦ to leave the shorties to chop the pot.

It wasn't until after the first break of the day that something finally gave, and unfortunately for "Chewing Gum" Pete Matusik, he was the one to crack.


Matusik was gunning to be the first player in history to win two ANZPT titles. The 2011 ANZPT Gold Coast champ entered today with good chips, but bled a little during the day before a massive clash with Michael Guzzardi on a flop of K♠4♣5♠. Guzzardi held A♥K♦ for top pair with Matusik on the draw with A♠T♠. The 5♦ was no help and the 4♥ was another brick as Matusik was sent to the rail in 9th place for a collect of $13,800.

With the deadlock finally broken, you'd expect the floodgates to start to open with a couple of short stacks sitting quietly to climb a pay jump. Out in front, Ashley Warner is still in charge with around 1.8 million with Michael Guzzardi now challenging for the lead with around 1.6 million.

@PokerStars in Melbourne