ANZPT Melbourne: McKenzie dines on chips

We've just returned from an extended break of 20 minutes with our field of 186 reduced to 103 players. The break acted as the dinner break for the evening, and that isn't a whole lot of time to grab some food. So as soon as the clock ticked down, the players were quickly racing from their seats and up to the food court to scoff down something delicious.

Of course that situation set up the perfect opportunity for the old "Pre-dinner Blind Steal". It's a classic manoeuvre that all players must have in their arsenal. I'm surprised that chapters of Super System are not dedicated to it, as it's one of the most profitable, and successful, moves in the game.

Players want to rush off early to dinner, and don't really want to play a big pot that eats into their valuable break time, so what better time to try and steal the blinds?

The move works brilliantly unless you run into someone who has read the chapter about the "Pre-dinner Blind Steal Re-Steal". That's when someone who had a big lunch knows you are stealing. They aren't in a hurry to eat so they re-steal from you and you are forced to head off to dinner with your tail between your legs.

Unless you are Jesse McKenzie...


Known as "On The Mac" online, McKenzie just recalled to us his pre-dinner antics where the mind games ruled over grumbling stomachs.

With the big blind clearly intent on heading off to dinner, McKenzie opened raised the old nine-deuce off suit - a slightly less-than-premium starting hand. With two callers, McKenzie was forced to continue telling the story with a continuation bet on a K-K-5 flop. One player called, and McKenzie recalled to us that the two had history in the cash games, which encouraged McKenzie to bet again on the 4 turn card. His opponent raised and McKenzie went with his read and stuck it all in with just nine-high. His opponent cringed and folded, as McKenzie put a sour taste in his mouth as he showed the bluff.

McKenzie may have only had time for a quick bite to eat but he has plenty of chips to feast on as he sits with around 50,000.


Earlier in the evening PokerStars hostess Lynn Gilmartin caught up with young gun Didier Guerin for a chat about his progress on Day 1a of the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event:

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