ANZPT Melbourne: "Raking pots and winning trophies" by Dale Marsland

It's pretty hard to win poker tournament. Even the most skilful poker professionals will tell you that multi-table tournaments are a high variance way to make a living. Survive a sea of humanity, avoid the bad beat land mines that potentially lurk at the fall of every card, and somehow manage to play optimally in a game with limitless calculations and permutations.

So if it's hard to win one tournament, then it must be unbelievably difficult to win two in a row? How about mission impossible to win three? Astronomical odds to win four tournaments right?

Well if Dale Marsland was a betting man, and he put a shiny gold dollar coin on himself, then he'd be a gazillionaire right now. Yep, Marsland achieved mission impossible over the last two weeks after winning not one, not two, not three, but four live poker tournaments!

And these we're no "Mickey Mouse" tournaments.

It started when Marsland headed back home to Perth to compete in the Western Poker Classic. He started out by winning the $330 No Limit Holdem side event, and followed up with the $550 Teams Event title alongside Aussie Millions final tablist Mile Krstanoski the next evening. If that wasn't enough, Marsland continued his red-hot form to win the Western Classic Main Event for a very healthy $61,000 pay day.

Three trophies in a week! What a life!


Time to build a new trophy cabinet! Dale Marsland with the fruits of his week in Perth
(Image courtesy of Crown Perth).

But just to put the exclamation point on proceedings, Marsland returned to Melbourne and the ANZPT this week where he captured the $250 Pot Limit Omaha Rebuy Event title for his 4th title in a matter of days!

An unbelievable accomplishment in any poker circles, and I would posture that perhaps it's the first time such an accomplishment has been achieved during major poker championships. Certainly in Australia, but possibly even the world.


Marsland is here in the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event today, but it appears that he is just a mere mortal after all. Recently Marsland three-bet squeezed his last 10,500 chips preflop with K♠Q♥ but ran into Stephen Quon's A♦A♠. Marsland made a flush on the board of 4♠6♥6♠8♠2♠ but it wasn't enough to crack the aces. Marsland is not out just yet, but only has a few thousand chips to work with. If he can come back from this position to win title number five, now that would be a story!

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