ANZPT Melbourne: Straight-flush leaves us with three

One player who has flown largely under the radar in this tournament is Michael Lo Giudice. After doubling up through Kristian Lunardi late on Day 2 with pocket kings, Lo Giudice has been able to maintain his position to reach the final four players in the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event.

However that would be the end of the road as Lo Giudice has fallen to the red-hot Ashley Warner. It was a rare family pot that did the damage, with all four players committing 60,000 to see a J♥9♥7♥ monotone flop. Action was checked around and the turn brought the 8♥. Lo Giudice bet 115,000 and Warner was the lone caller as the J♣ landed on the river.

Lo Giudice moved all in for around 400,000 but Warner snap-called and announced a straight-flush holding A♠T♥. Lo Giudice sighed and flashed K♥5♦ for the king-high flush.


An unlucky ending to a great tournament for Lo Giudice who pockets a very nice $47,610 for 4th place. With that elimination the three remaining players have decided to take a break while they look at some numbers. The current chip counts are as follows:

Ashley Warner - 3,460,000
Michael Guzzardi - 2,070,000
Paul Hockin - 1,150,000

It appears that the players are interested in an ICM chop but currently are struggling to come to terms. There's a group of people sitting around a laptop on a nearby table, with representatives of all parties joining in the discussion.

The clock is paused as we anticipate a decision, one way or the other, sometime soon.


@PokerStars in Melbourne