ANZPT Melbourne: Surviving coolers

It's amazing the number of times we hear players complain to us about how cold it is at a poker table. It doesn't matter where we are in the world, or the temperature outside, things can get really cool inside a casino due to air conditioning units that seem to often have a mind of their own.

Anyone who has ever been to the World Series of Poker knows what I'm talking about. There's nothing worse than trying to play your A-game with an Arctic breeze blowing across your face It's hard enough to avoid getting sick from the germ-ridden poker chips without having to deal with a nice draft up your back to boot.

Here in the Crown Poker Room, things are mostly pretty comfortable. During January, and the Aussie Millions, things can get frighteningly hot outside, so it's important to ensure that players are kept comfortable inside.

However there's one table in the room which we're going to expose today. It's been quietly getting away with freezing people's butts off for too long now, and it's time to bring its days to an end. We're going to call it the "Table of Freeze".


The "Table of Freeze" is located at the entrance to the high-limit cash game area and largely exposed on one side to an open space at the foot of the escalator running upstairs. But it's not the space, or the draft from upstairs, that is the real problem. The problem is the air conditioning vent located above the table which throws spine-chilling cool air directly across the table.

Yesterday we had several players complain about the problem, and as such, the table was one of the first to break. Today, the table is not even in use.

But until the air conditioning is fixed, we have a solution for players.


Quite simply, it's a rookie error to arrive to any poker tournament without a jumper or jacket of some variety. It's very easy to take it off and throw over the back of your chair, but it's very hard to survive a chilly room without one. Anyone who is professional in their application towards the game of poker, should be doing everything possible to ensure they can bring their best game to the table, and that should include bringing appropriate clothing to wear inside an air conditioned casino, not appropriate clothing to go to the beach.

Be prepared and you'll survive any cooler during a poker tournament.


At the start of the day, PokerStars hostess Lynn Gilmartin spoke with ANZPT chief Danny McDonagh to take a look at the day ahead and announce some exciting news about the ANZPT Season 5 schedule:

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