ANZPT Melbourne: Trick or treat?

Walking through the aisles of the Crown Poker Room this afternoon, I couldn't help but be a little perturbed when I saw a rather shady character walking slowly towards me. Dressed in a brown robe and hood pulled down over his head, this didn't seem like a dude to mess with, but when he looked up to reveal red and black face paint and freakish red/yellow contact lenses, I was pretty much ready to high tail it in the other direction.


It wasn't until I noticed his Crown staff badge dangling in front that I was provided some reassurance that he wasn't a madman on the loose.

"I'm Darth Maul from Star Wars," explained Peter, one of the dealers here in the Crown Poker Room. Not being a Star Wars fan, I had no idea who that was or what it meant so I thought it best to probe further.

At first I thought maybe Peter had confused his day job with his night job, but apparently the Crown Poker Room have decided it would be a good idea to lighten the atmosphere with regular theme nights in the "Hot Zone" - an area where punters can jump on low limit casino game tables, with loud music and casually-dressed dealers.

That casual dress has now expanded to costumes where some dealers get a chance to dress up and have some fun.

"And we get paid to do it!" laughed Peter who was clearly enjoying the darker side of his role a little too much.

The theme for today and tonight is of course, Halloween. Although not celebrated as heavily in Australia as it might be in the United States, there are still a few who like a little game of "trick or treat" at this time of the year.

"Unfortunately I left my lightsaber at home," added Peter, before wandering off through the tables to terrorize/entertain those lucky enough to be in the poker room today.

The Halloween theme will run tonight and tomorrow night in the Hot Zone, and then again next Wednesday night on Halloween night, October 31st. If you're in Melbourne, come on down a night of spooky fun!

Just when you think you've seen it all in the poker room...


@PokerStars in Melbourne