ANZPT Perth: And then there were two...

Philip Gidley-King had been battling hard with his short stack for most of this final table. He had been very tight, but in his defence, it's been extremely tough for him to get a word in with Iori Yogo, Dale Marsland and Dejan Divkovic so incredibly active in this four-handed battle.

With plenty of support on the rail to cheer him on, Philip Gidley-King had to make a stand. He called a preflop raise from Iori Yogo, and then moved all in on the flop of 8♠K♦5♦. Yogo virtually beat him into the pot and when he turned over a monstrous K♣K♥ we thought that the last Perth hope was surely toast. However Gidley-King had the best hand he could have in this situation - a flush draw with Q♦4♦.

The crowd were calling for a diamond and they roared when the A♦ appeared on the turn to give Gidley-King his flush. Only problem was they were so joyous that they almost didn't notice the 5♠ appear on the river to improve Yogo to a full house for the winning hand.

Gidley-King represented the WAPL with pride here this afternoon and although he was forced to contend with three talented professionals at the end, he still went down swinging. He takes home $32,800 for his 4th place result.


With three players left Dejan Divkovic held a commanding chip lead. He had over half the chips in play after turning a Broadway straight to leave Dale Marsland on the short stack. The last Australian standing had to find a double up and when his last chips were in the middle preflop with A♦K♥, the race was on with Iori Yogo's J♠J♣.

The flop was a dry 2♦9♣3♦ but the 5♦ turn left Marsland with an ace, king, four or diamond to land the crucial double up. It wasn't to be, as the 3♥ completed the board leaving Marsland to take home $41,000 for 3rd place after another mighty run in a major tournament in the West.


So that leaves us heads up for the title. It's Bosnia versus Japan! An unlikely duo but two talented players who should provide an entertaining duel. These two have shown they are capable of pulling plenty of moves but with stacks over 100 big blinds deep, we could be here a while!

@PokerStars in Perth