ANZPT Perth: Fragomeni fizzles

In the early stages of this ANZPT Perth final table, all eyes were on James Broom and his short stack. Knowing his aggressive nature, we expected him to play fast early on to try and double up to get back into contention. Broom was able to steal a couple of blinds, but surprisingly, the first all in that was called didn't involve Broom at all.

Colin Wilford opened from under the gun to 16,000 before David Fragomeni moved all in from the cutoff. The action was then with David Evans on the button and he was happy to commit all of his chips. Broom gave a squeal of delight before the action folded back to Wilford. He thought for a bit before folding 9♠9♦ face up. It proved to be a wise decision.

Fragomeni opened J♣J♠ but Evans had the goods with his A♣A♦.

The board ran out 4♠3♠8♥T♥K♦ and without a jack to save him, Fragomeni becomes the first casualty of this final table. His 9th place is worth $10,900 in prize money.


Evans virtually doubles up his stack to get up to around 280,000 to be in good shape, while Broom is happy to climb a pay jump, still on the short stack with eight players remaining.


Here's a little more about our final table line up:

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