ANZPT Perth: Guzzardi looking strong in ANZ POTY

As we start to get closer to the money here in the ANZPT Perth Main Event we thought we'd take a look at the current standings in the ANZ Player of the Year award.

Ashley Warner and Paul Hockin were busy trash talking Michael Guzzardi from the rail yesterday after their early eliminations from this event left Guzzardi with a strong chance to extend his advantage at the top of the leaderboard. Warner and Hockin were sitting in third and fourth place, but will now have to keep an eye on those behind them as their places near the top of the leaderboard are under threat.

For Guzzardi, he made it through to Day 2 as a short stack with just 12,075 in chips, but with 80 players remaining, he's managed to chip up to around 35,000 to have his head above water once again. Should Guzzardi gain more points in this event, he's going to be very hard to stop in the POTY race.


A camera shy Michael Guzzardi in Perth

The nearest threat to Guzzardi was actually the overnight shortest stack in Jie Gao. He started today with just 4,100 in pocket change, and a short time ago was still hanging tough with 16,000. But as we were about to try and snap Gao's photo for this article, we noticed him walking off into the distance after being eliminated from the tournament.


Not quite the photo of Jie Gao we were hoping for

Another in the top ten to be recently eliminated is Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang. He got short and pushed queen-eight preflop, only to be called by an opponent's ace-jack. No help on board ensured that Huang won't be improving on his 9th place standing in the POTY race here in Perth.

Current ANZ POTY Top Ten
1 Michael Guzzardi 105.85
2 Jie Gao 88.70
3 Ashley Warner 79.45
4 Paul Hockin 79.45
5 Igal Augarten 65.50
6 Anthony Aston 62.90
7 Michael Lo Giudice 59.40
8 Miroslav Sheynin 58.50
9 Bryan Huang 57.70
10 Ismail Ismail 56.80

Over $40,000 in prizes will be awarded to the top two place finishers at the end of the ANZPT season. The winner will receive cash and sponsorship into four APPT events valued at $28,000, while the runner-up will collect cash and sponsorship into four ANZPT events valued at $13,000.

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