ANZPT Perth: Poker knows no boundaries

The final nine have taken their seats in the Crown Perth Poker Room as the ANZPT Perth final table is just moments away from starting. It's going to be an interesting final table, with a great mix of locals, interstaters and internationals, as well as professional and recreational players.

One interesting story which we picked up overnight was the prior relationship between James Broom and Dejan Divkovic, despite having never actually met in person.


Broom recalled to us that he regularly played online heads-up cash games with a young player from Bosnia who had said that he'd won a package to play at the ANZPT in Sydney next month. Broom told him that he should come and check out Perth as well. Apparently the two would often engage in some colourful banter in the chat and thousands of dollars had changed hands during their intense battles.

For three days here in Perth Divkovic and Broom hadn't crossed paths, but last night the penny dropped for Broom when he read the blog and saw the video interview we did with the young Bosnian.


Broom then saw his friend pop up online. Divkovic was still unaware of Broom's identity and asked him why he wasn't in Perth. Broom's response was, "I am. I'm on the final table with you!"

Apparently for the last three days, Divkovic had confused Broom as an American, perhaps due to the baseball cap which Broom often wears backwards. Divkovic had no idea that Broom was actually his online nemesis.

The two had a laugh about the confusion and then caught up this morning in person for the very first time!

From fierce online rivals to friends who now find themselves the same final table. It's a remarkable story and the only thing that would cap it off is if the two went heads-up for the title!

That's a long way off though with seven other players in the way. While Divkovic is going strong, Broom is the short stack of the field and will be looking for a quick double up or three to try and catch the chip leader in Japan's Iori Yogo.

The introductions are out of the way and the cards are now in the air as the ANZPT Perth final table is under way. Stay tuned for live updates from the floor of the Crown Perth Poker Room.


@PokerStars in Perth