ANZPT Perth: Shipper of Justice

"Ship the justice!!!" - Andrew Jeffreys, circa 2009.

"Adgee is back! Ship the justice!!!" - Andrew Jeffreys, 20th February 2013.

Andrew Jeffreys is one of the most likeable poker players you'll ever meet. As friendly and genuine as they come. Always chatty, ever the entertainer, sharing some laughs and generally having fun at the table. That is, until it's time for "justice". Much like a superhero that transitions into their alter ego after dark, the man they call "Adgee" transforms from likeable bloke into fierce warrior when there is justice to be served.

Jeffreys was a regular on the ANZPT circuit a few years ago, but took a break from poker for the last year or two to focus on developing his own business (free plug for Hey Pup). But we saw Jeffreys return last month at the Aussie Millions where he indicated he was hoping to get around to a few more tournaments this year. Always a man true to his word, Jeffreys finds himself in the middle of the ANZPT Perth Main Event, and he's making his presence felt.


Just a few minutes ago, we had a flashback to 2009, when Jeffreys stood and roared at the top of his lungs, "Adgee is back! Ship the justice!!!" to stop the entire gaming floor in its tracks. It was the catch cry of the superhero, when a typically horrific bad beat had been laid and Jeffreys was raking the chips in his inverted world of "justice".

We wandered over to see what the commotion was about. One poor player was clearly the victim and making a hasty exit, while tablemates Kristian Lunardi and Liam O'Rourke were in hysterics. We went to the man himself, with Jeffreys warping back to his normal self to let us know what had just gone down. The short of it was that Jeffreys' pocket tens were all in against pocket sevens on a board showing 7-6-6. No worries for the shipper of justice as a ten appeared on the river for a devastating, fatal blow. Cue the fireworks!

So a word of warning for those tight, solid players out there in this ANZPT Perth Main Event. Adgee is back. He has chips and he's prepared to use them. Aces are about to be cracked and gutshots are about to be hit. Stand back...justice is about to be shipped.

@PokerStars in Perth