ANZPT Perth: The battle of East versus West

While the ANZPT Perth Main Event is the focus of everyone's attention this week, the players are certainly taking advantage of the great weather here in Perth to get out and about in the glorious sunshine. The 7pm start time for Day 1a here this evening also helps, giving everyone the chance to maximize their day.

Some took themselves to the golf course, tackling the 40-degree Perth temperatures head on. Others preferred a morning poolside here at the luxurious Crown Metropol followed by a casual lunch over a few beers in nearby Subiaco.

However one of the more unique activities today was a friendly game of indoor cricket that pitted a cobbled together team of misfits from the Eastern states to take on the best in the West. It was a grudge match for the ages, East versus West, with players shedding blood, sweat and tears....literally.


The scene was set when ANZPT Events Manager Sam "Dennis Lillee" Dawson came off the long run with a searing bouncer that clocked an unlucky Ben Breadsell smack in the head. In all honesty, it looked like the ball would barely have enough velocity to disturb the bails, but the instant shiner under Ben's eye told otherwise.

However Ben wasn't the only casualty of the day.

ANZPT head honcho Danny McDonagh wound back the clock with some creative shot-making, before somehow tweaking his back while avoiding a wild overthrow from Stev Lackovic. McDonagh writhed in pain, as his teammates considered whether an ambulance or alcohol would be the best remedy. McDonagh soldiered on in an immobile state, rendering his claimed "speed advantage" ineffective.

However it didn't stop the brave Easterners team claiming a heroic victory on foreign soil.

But the true scoreboard read as follows:

Sprained back - 1
Black eye - 1
Pulled calf - 1
Side strain - 1
Bruised hands - 5
Dodgy hamstrings - several
Bandaids for grazed knees - 5
Taxi fare home - 57


WA captain Ashley Warner was gracious in defeat, publicly stating on Facebook, "I swear that the umpire came in with you guys. The crushing defeat hurts more than any two outer could!"

Better luck next year fellas.

The East versus West rivalry remains alive and well, and perhaps we'll see that translate onto the poker felt this evening. With Tony Hachem and Grant Levy previous winners of this event from the Eastern states, Mat Carlsson was able to get one back for WA last year. Can the boys recover from today's devastating setback to represent the locals with pride? We'll have to wait and see what unfolds over the next few days!


For those looking to see more of what Perth has to offer, check out this video from PokerStars hostess Lynn Gilmartin...

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