ANZPT Perth: Wilford and Evans grounded

The chips have been moving around on this ANZPT Perth final table as we inch closer to crowning a champion. Dale Marsland is the man in the box seat at the moment after a rather incredible hand against Iori Yogo. Marsland three-bet preflop, then bet and three-bet on a ten-high flop with K♥Q♥ for just king-high, but after the turn and river were checked, Marsland caught a queen on the river which was enough to take down the monster pot.

Yogo was clearly not impressed, but he managed to double through in a battle of the blinds with Colin Wilford. It was a bit of a cooler, with Yogo's A♥K♥ proving too strong for Wilford's dominated A♦Q♣.

It left Wilford on the short stack and a few moments later he tangled in a three-way pot with Philip Gidley-King and Dejan Divkovic. The trio took a flop of A♥Q♠K♦ with Gidley-King's bet of 20,000 called by both players. The turn was the 6♣ and action checked to Divkovic who bet 65,000. Wilford sprung to life with a check-raise all in for another 90,000 on top which forced Gidley-King to fold, but Divkovic deliberated for several minutes before making a reluctant call.

Divkovic didn't like his hand, but his A♠6♥ for two pair was actually in front of Wilford's K♠J♣ with one card to come. The river 4♠ bricked the board to see Wilford sent to the rail in 6th place for $23,000 in prize money.


Moments later and the end arrived for a gallant David Evans. Dejan Divkovic opened to 20,000 before Dale Marsland three-bet to 52,000. Evans moved all in for another 138,000 on top which forced a fold from Divkovic. Marsland asked for a count before making the call with T♦T♠ as the race was on against Evans' A♠J♦.

Marsland continued his hot streak as the board ran out K♣6♠T♥5♦7♦ giving Marsland a set to take it down. Evans is out in 5th for a nice $27,300 score.


With that, we're suddenly down to four players. Dejan Divkovic is out in front with about 1.6 million, with Dale Marsland next best with 1.1 million. Iori Yogo has 900,000 with Philip Gidley-King on the short stack with about 400,000.

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