ANZPT Perth: Yogo survives carnage to lead final table

A whirlwind day has seen our surviving 33 players reduced to the final nine in just four levels and 37 minutes. Pay the unders! There's no way we thought we'd get to the final table that quickly, but a series of huge preflop clashes and a few suckouts ensured that the short stacks had a rough time of it today at the ANZPT Perth Main Event.

While our final nine are off to enjoy a nice dinner and relaxing evening in Perth, earlier in the day, another nine were left to experience the pain of two and a bit days of toil for zero reward. Tristan Bain, Emanuel Seal, Daniel Botta, Nigel Brine and 2011 Aussie Millions champ David Gorr were among those who missed the money, as did John "JD" Dichiera who was the unfortunate bubble boy when his A♥T♣ was no match for James Broom's A♣J♥.

It left the remaining 24 players guaranteed with some cash for their hard work as their attention turned to reaching the final table.

Ivan Zalac was unlucky to bow out in 24th place, and he was followed by Fabian Craib (20th), Milan Gurung (19th), Ricky Kroesen (17th) and Day 1a chip leader Peter Woodworth (15th).


A gallant 15th place for our Day 1a chip leader, Peter Woodworth

Overnight chip leader James Broom looked set to power his way to the final table but an intriguing hand against Japanese player Iori Yogo turned the tournament on its head. Yogo had flatted a raise on the button before putting in a sneaky back-raise after Broom had squeezed from the small blind. Broom was a non-believer and moved all in with ace-queen but when Yogo insta-called, Broom knew he was in trouble. Yogo turned over queens and the ladies held up to jump Yogo into the chip lead and leave Broom on the short stack.


Japan's Iori Yogo is the man to catch

Broom was able to hang on as the last half an hour of play brought total carnage around him. Pawal Zawadowicz was cruelly bundled out in 12th place when his aces were cracked by the lucky sixes of Dale Marsland, and when Siyu Sha (11th) and Kent Hunter (10th) quickly followed, our final table line up was set.

Yogo carries the chip lead into the final day, but due to the rapid attrition rate, the players are going to have plenty of chips to play with at the 3,000/6,000/1,000 blind level.

ANZPT Perth Final Table
Seat 1: Dale Marsland (Australia) - 674,000
Seat 2: David Fragomeni (Australia) - 143,000
Seat 3: David Evans (Australia) - 148,000
Seat 4: James Broom (Australia) - 87,000
Seat 5: Iori Yogo (Japan) - 993,000
Seat 6: Colin Wilford (Australia) - 544,000
Seat 7: Philip Gidley-King (Australia) - 411,000
Seat 8: Luke Brabin (Australia) - 175,000
Seat 9: Dejan Divkovic (Bosnia) - 904,000

It's a diverse line up with a couple of international players, a couple of interstaters and a handful of locals all gunning to become the 2013 ANZPT Perth champion and pocket the $114,000 first-place prize. We'll have player profiles of our final table line up for you a little later this evening.

The final table will kick off at 2:10pm on Sunday (GMT+8) and once again we'll be on deck at the Crown Perth Poker Room to bring you all the live updates. Thanks for following along at home and we'll see you tomorrow!

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