ANZPT Repechage: A tale of two latecomers

The last two registrations into the ANZPT Repechage Main Event on Day 1b were Tino Lechich and Ben McLean, and both have different stories to tell.

McLean apparently had some confusion over his entry which was won online on PokerStars. He thought he was registered for Day 1c, but after re-checking the email he realised he was indeed in Day 1b. He arrived very late in the day and unfortunately qualification rules don't allow a change of flight. McLean sat down with a full stack, but with the blinds already up to 1,200/2,400, McLean only had around eight big blinds to work with. That was apparently no problem as the 2010 APPT Sydney runner-up was somehow able to run it up to end the day with a top ten chip stack of 187,000.


Lechich was in a similar situation in that he arrived very late in the day and had to get very busy very quickly. He too was able to run it up to survive the day and returned today with 89,500 in chips for a very workable 18 big blind stack.

As the bubble loomed, both McLean and Lechich looked set to cash. McLean was having to deal with the hyper-aggressive Daniel Neilson seated to his left. Neilson raised every hand for an orbit during the forty-minute, hand-for-hand play on the bubble which didn't give McLean much room to do anything. But he was able to look across the table at the three extremely short stacks who were blinding away knowing he would be able sit tight and safely navigate the bubble.

Lechich on the other hand had a few less chips, but was still well above the other short stacks around the room. While they were folding their way into the money, Lechich wasn't going to change his aggressive game, and ultimately it led to his undoing. After seeing a flop of 7♠J♥2♣, Lechich moved all in for his last 70,000 with J♣8♣ for top pair but Nick Georgoulas called with K♠J♦ to have Lechich in trouble. The T♥ turn and the A♥ river saw Lechich bubble in 64th place as everyone else in the room was relieved to be in the money and $2,955 wealthier.


With that, we're in the money at the ANZPT Repechage as we expect to now see the floodgates open as the short stacks get their gamble on.

One man who has made the money is ANZPT Queenstown champion Dave Allan. He recently caught up with hostess Nicki Pickering for a chat: