ANZPT Repechage: And then there were three

Fabain Craib was a dominant force on Day 2 of this ANZPT Repechage Main Event. He powered along beautifully and picked up a few big hands to help things along. If his pocket kings had held against Ian Thomson's pocket jacks on the final table bubble, he would've started this final table with a commanding chip advantage.

As it was, he still found his way into the chip lead at the start of today, but took a little while to get things moving with the aggressive Michael Kanaan keeping him out of pots to his right and Iori Yogo keeping him in check to the left. It was a tricky spot for Craib but he was able to navigate his way to the final four players before the blinds and antes put his stack under pressure.


With the blinds at 60,000/120,000/10,000, it was Anthony Hachem who opened the action with a raise to 250,000 on the button. Craib announced himself all in from the big blind for 2.3 million with Hachem committing to the call with 8♠8♦. Craib tabled A♦Q♥ and the race was on.

The flop was a bare 2♥6♥4♠ but Craib added to his outs as he picked up a wheel draw for a chop on the 3♣ turn. But it wasn't to be as the 4♦ appeared on the river.

The Hachem clan gave a huge cheer as Craib was left to depart in 4th place for $56,970 for his third significant result here in Melbourne in just the first half of this year.

We're now down to three and getting to the business end of proceedings. The shiny ANZPT trophy is sitting on a nearby table and is being eyed off by our three remaining players. All three will make a fascinating story if they win this title - Mishel Bouskila in career best form after winning an Aussie Millions title earlier in the year, Iori Yogo with his incredible form on the ANZPT and Anthony Hachem making a name for himself in poker in his own right.

Hachem is out in front now with around 8.5 million, with Yogo on 4.5 million and Bouskila on about 3 million.