ANZPT Repechage: Bully or bust

We're approaching the money bubble here at the ANZPT Repechage Main Event. The big screen is currently showing us 67 players left, but only 63 of those will take home some cash.

The bubble in this event is somewhat unique as it means different things to different players.

Reaching the money in a poker tournament will usually result in a return of somewhere close to double the buy-in, but this repechage event is a little different. The top 63 players in the ANZPT Repechage will earn a minimum payout of $2,955. For those who only took one shot at this event, that's nearly three times their buy-in which is a fantastic return on their investment. But then there are those who fired three bullets into this event. Their outlay was $3,300 so a min-cash still doesn't even put them into profit! Those players will need to make one more pay jump with 54th place jumping to $3,375. That would be a $75 profit for around ten hours of play, or $7.50 an hour!


Like all poker tournaments, the real money is at the pointy end. Reaching the final table of nine is worth $16,880. That's a fine return but falling in 9th comes with a lot of heartache as the payouts escalate very quickly from there. Our champion will receive the trophy and a whopping $181,400.

1st $181,460
2nd $126,600
3rd $74,700
4th $56,970
5th $43,050
6th $33,760
7th $27,430
8th $21,100
9th $16,880

For many of our players this will be their first taste of the cash on the ANZPT, and that will be their only goal. We're already spotted quite a few stalling to try and make the money. Others have been here before and will only be eyeing the top prize. They are the ones calling time on the stallers!

The bubble is a fascinating time to observe a poker tournament because the money means more to some than it does to others, so the psychology of the game really comes to the fore. Who will bully and who will bust?