ANZPT Repechage: Dinner plans anyone?

There has been some heated debate this evening about when to take a dinner break, if indeed at all. It seems that tournament officials were pretty confident that this tournament would continue to roll along at breakneck speeds so that a dinner break wouldn't be required. Unfortunately things have tightened up and everyone is starting to get a little hungry.

At the last break (at around 7pm local time) the players wanted to know what was happening. With 23 players left, it seemed a good spot to take a dinner break but staff suggested that it would be reviewed at the next break in two hours, hoping things might be close to finished by then.


Nobu anyone?

"This could take another five hours!" defended Tony Kondevski. Most people scoffed at that thought, but after the slow grind of the last level, Kondevski's statement might prove to be close to the truth.

We've just ticked into Level 21 and the past hour has seen us lose just two players. With another dozen to fall before we reach our final table, at this rate, we'll be here until 2am! That's pretty late for dinner!

It's funny that as soon as the notion of the end of the day was put into the player's minds that play ground to a halt. They were told that we might be finished before the next break, so that has equated to them applying the brakes to try and survive to reach the final table. Poker is full of psychology and this is an example of how a simple directive from tournament staff can greatly affect play.

Perhaps a quick 30-minute break to allow players to satisfy hunger and refresh their mindset might have actually encouraged more active play? Especially if they have time for a sugar-charged dessert. Instead we're another hour away from another tough decision as we're still a long way from that elusive final table. hostess Nicki Pickering recently spoke with Michael Kanaan to check in on his progress: