ANZPT Repechage: Escape the Winter chill in the Hot Zone

Saturday nights can be a crazy time to be in the Crown Poker Room. As the night draws on there is always an increasingly diverse range of people that stumble their way through the room. The fellas have come from the footy, the girls are on their way to the clubs and most have had more than their share of bevvies.

They'll wander through the room to check things out. Some will ask mundane questions about the poker tournament, while some will even want to have a crack at playing. That is, until you let them know it's $1,100 to enter! Instead they'll probably take their $100 over to the $2/3 game and happily splash away.

The other great attraction of the Crown Poker Room on a Saturday night is the Hot Zone.


Located at the entrance to the room, the Hot Zone can't be missed, or avoided, on your walk into the poker tournament area.

The Hot Zone promotes a party atmosphere which attracts the Saturday night crowd looking for some cheap entertainment. Featuring plain-clothed dealers on low-limit blackjack and roulette tables, the Hot Zone has a dedicated bar area and the music will be pumping throughout the night.

The Hot Zone also has special themed nights where dealers and players are encouraged to dress up and embrace the party vibe. Those who share in the fun can have their pictures uploaded via the Hot Zone Social Media Kiosk. Over the coming weeks there's the Queen's Birthday Uniform night, Moustache night, Super Heroes night and 80's night. Woot!

If partying on the low-limit casino game tables is not your thing, then the poker cash games will be running throughout the evening. The Crown Poker Room has a new promotion running called "Flop Chase". You can place a wager on whether the flop will come all red or all black. It's a little like roulette on the poker table with winning bets paid out at 7 to 1. Come down and check it out!


Earlier in the day, hostess Nicki Pickering caught up with Ken Demlakian to see how he is progressing in the ANZPT Repechage Main Event: