ANZPT Repechage: Golden rule of guarantees

In the poker world, guarantees are made to be broken. We've seen it throughout Macau where the Red Dragon prize pool guarantees are always smashed. We've seen it online in the recent SCOOP series where over $75 million in prize money was given away. Will we see the same here in Melbourne for the ANZPT Repechage?

Well, we can tell you, there are a few people who are a little nervous right now. Is it possible that someone has forgotten golden rule of guarantees?


You see, the prize pool guarantee on this event was set at $750,000 which seemed a realistic mark, with the million dollar prize pool barrier the ultimate goal. In fact, tournament organizers were so confident, there was even a friendly side bet between PokerStars head honcho Danny McDonagh and Crown Poker Tournament Director Christian Vaughan in an attempt to motivate each other to drive as many players as possible into this event.

However early indications are that we might fall under the milli, which will put some pressure on the guarantee. Day 1a has produced a strong field of around 200 (official numbers still to be confirmed) and tomorrow might be a little less since it's a work day in Melbourne, leaving a lot of work to do on Saturday which is expected to be the largest of the three flights.

Overlay anyone?

There's already overlay thanks to the abundance of overseas online qualifier no shows, so there's certainly some fantastic value to be found in this event if you're considering playing.

One interesting point to note is that if the guarantee is met in this event, it will exceed the mark for the largest Melbourne Championships Main Event in history. That one was set back in 2009 when Tony Kondevski defeated a field of 750 players to capture the $150,000 first place prize. Hitting that mark will confirm the partnership between Crown and the ANZPT to be a positive one for this event.

There is one thing we can be sure of, and that is whatever mark is set, we know that our champion will be taking home a very healthy pay day on Monday!

One of those hoping to be there on Monday is PokerStars qualifier Patrick Healy. He recently caught up with hostess Nicki Pickering for a chat about his recent success and his strategy for this event: