ANZPT Repechage: Kondevski and Neilson depart

Tony Kondevksi is a staple on the Australian poker scene. If he's not playing, he's railing, and if he's not railing, he's following the updates online on PokerStars or Facebook. As a former Melbourne Champs Main Event winner, this event would hold a special place in his heart, and it was a tremendous run to reach another final table after battling with a short stack for most of Day 2 yesterday. Unfortunately Kondevski's run has come to an end with his elimination in 7th place.


Kondevski open-shoved from middle position with A♥7♣ but ran into Anthony Hachem's dominant A♣Q♠. Kondevski received no help as the board ran out K♣9♠K♥8♠J♣ to see Kondevski head to the rail in 7th place for $27,430 in prize money.

He was quickly joined by runaway day one chip leader Daniel Neilson.


Neilson wasn't able to get much going late yesterday or today and with the blinds ticking up to 40,000/80,000/10,000 he found himself getting somewhat short. With a tick under a million in chips, Neilson moved all in from the small blind with J♣T♠ but Michel Bouskila quickly made the call with K♥Q♣ in the big blind. The board rolled off 8♥5♣8♦6♦2♠ to see Bouskila's king-high take the pot and eliminate Neilson in 6th place for $33,760.

Just like that, we're down to five. The chips are pretty even around the table with all players somewhere in the vicinity of three million in chips. They've now got a little room to manoeuvre so we should see play settle down a little.