ANZPT Repechage: Top and tail for Kanaan

After the elimination of Daniel Neilson in 6th place, the final five players on the ANZPT Repechage final table knuckled down into an epic battle. The chips were flying in every direction with several all ins, coolers, bad beats and suckouts.

Iori Yogo put Anthony Hachem onto the short stack, then lost a monster pot with pocket kings into Michael Kanaan's pocket aces. The young Aussie was into a commanding chip lead and almost knocked off Fabian Craib when his A♣8♦ caught an eight on the flop to get ahead of Craib's A♥K♥, but a king on the river changed the momentum of the final table. Craib doubled up and the slide started for Kanaan.

With Hachem doubling up twice, the pressure was on Iori Yogo when he pushed with pocket nines into Kanaan's K♠Q♣. A king found its way onto the flop, but a devastating nine on the turn kept the Japanese star alive to leave Kanaan reeling.

Moments later, and with the blinds kicking up to a sizable 60,000/120,000/10,000, Kanaan found a spot to move his last 1.6 million into the middle with A♠T♠. Hachem made the call in the big blind with A♦5♥ and despite being dominated, Hachem caught his pair on the river on the 2♣6♣3♠7♠5♣ board.

It was a devastating series of blows for Kanaan who very quickly went from chip leader to our 5th place finisher. He brushed off the bad beats with typical apathy, shaking his opponent's hands before casually wandering off to collect $43,050 in prize money. This result puts Kanaan into 2nd position on the all-time ANZPT cash winners list, narrowly behind Season 1 Sydney champ Paren Arzoomanian.


That leaves us with our final four. Anthony Hachem has a big rail here, including dad Joe, and they are loving the action at the moment as their man has climbed back from the short stack to now be right in contention for the title. Hachem narrowly trails Fabian Craib for the chip lead, wih Iori Yogo and Michel Bouskila not too far behind.