ANZPT Repechage: Two down

After an orbit of pretty tight play that barely saw a flop, we've lost our first two players in pretty rapid succession.

It was Ian Thomson who took hits in back-to-backhands to become our first casualty of this final table.


The first hand saw Thomson lured into the pot from the big blind after Dean Francis had raised from under the gun and Anthony Hachem had called in the small blind. The trio saw a flop of Q♥K♠9♥ and Hachem checked it to Thomson who bet 225,000. Francis quickly folded but Hachem responded with a check-raise all in.

The chips were cut down and it was another 745,000 to Thomson, and after a minute or two of thought, Thomson stood, waved his arms and announced call. Thomson tabled K♣6♣ for top pair but he was virtually dead to Hachem's 9♦9♠ bottom set. The turn and river bricked out and Thomson was left with only around 300,000 in chips.

Next hand, Thomson committed those chips from the big blind with A♦J♦, with Iori Yogo priced in to call with his J♣T♥. Thomson was in good shape to double up but the board of 9♥J♥7♦8♣6♦ gave Yogo the straight to see Thomson out in 9th place for $16,880 in prize money.

Thomson was quickly followed by Dean Francis in 8th place. A big pot brewed preflop with Iori Yogo moving all in to put Francis to a decision for his tournament life. Francis went into the tank several minutes before finally committing with Q♥Q♠ as the race was on against Yogo's A♥K♣. The board ran out 6♠6♣A♦4♥3♠ to see Yogo spike the ace to claim victim number two.

Francis pockets $21,100 for 8th place as Yogo is now our chip leader with 4.5 million as seven players remain.