ANZPT Repechage: Yogo stalking his prey

As we rapidly approach the ANZPT Repechage final table with around 30 players remaining at the start of Level 19, Daniel Neilson, Dave Allan and Fabian Craib are among the big stacks. They're players we've seen a fair bit of in tournaments around Australia, but it's another familiar face at the top of the counts. He's not an Aussie, but he's making a name for himself in Australia on the ANZPT, and that is Japan's Iori Yogo. The man with longest pony-tail in poker also has the biggest chip stack in the room.


Yogo is an interesting figure at the table. He's appears to be a very alert, intelligent, calculated player who is very aware of not only what is going on at his table, but all around the tournament floor.

He's quick to help the dealer with moving the button or bringing in the antes. If a player busts in the blinds, he's quick to point out a dead blind. He knows exactly what's happening and despite hailing from Japan, he's well aware of quite a few of the local regular players.

Yogo is not only watching his table, but the other tables around him. He's often up out of his chair and looking around the room. That might mostly be due to his positioning in the ANZ Player of the Year race. Yogo is currently nestled in 3rd place, and earlier today he was keen to find out about the elimination of Dale Marsland who was also sitting high on the POY leaderboard.

Now Yogo won't have to look too far to keep an eye on his nearest threats. After Yogo recently eliminated both Eric Assadourian and Alessio Maisano, his table now includes Pravin Harji two to his right and both Luke Brabin and Patrick Healy to his direct left as the only other POY contenders still in the field. With valuable points up for grabs, there's a little extra incentive for these players tangle with each other to try and knock each other out.

Yogo is a dangerous, intelligent player and now has towers of ammunition in front of him. Could we see him go all the way here in Melbourne?