ANZPT Sydney: Friendly Rivalries

Melbourne and Sydney has a unique rivalry. It's that kind of rivalry that can only be compared to how brothers and sisters fight and bicker, but at the end of the day, they are friends. From arguments as to which is the best city, to whether or not NRL (Rugby) is better than AFL (Aussie Rules Football), it's a friendly competitiveness that is unlikely to ever be resolved.

To highlight this difference in taste between Sydney and Melbourne, the NRL Footy Show was recently aired during prime time here on the big screens in the poker room at The Star. Just a few moments ago it struck midnight and the AFL Footy Show popped onto the big screen. Back in Melbourne, these roles are reversed, with the AFL Footy Show being shown in prime time, while the NRL Footy Show does the graveyard shift. It's just the way things are and one of the many differences between Sydney and Melbourne.


That's one big Gary Lyon watching over the poker tables

In poker, Sydney and Melbourne share a similar rivalry. On one hand, Melbourne is the home to the largest event in Australia, the Aussie Millions. On the other hand, Sydney has consistently hosted the largest APPT and ANZPT events on both respective tours. In fact, the largest ever ANZPT event was back in 2009 when the Season 1 ANZPT Sydney Main Event hosted a field of 493 players. Since then, ANZPT Sydney has been the largest event in each season of the ANZPT.

In terms of players, Melbourne is home to 2005 WSOP Main Event champion and the man arguably responsible for the poker boom in Australia, Joe Hachem. Being that Hachem has almost $12 million in tournament results on his resume, that's a tick for Melbourne on the top of the all-time money list for Australians. However, Sydney is home to Grant Levy - the first Australian to win $1 million in this country. Levy is also a dual APPT / ANZPT champion, just another feat that has eluded Hachem. Levy might not be on the top of the Aussie all-time money list, but we would argue that Hachem would trade plenty of his results for a major tournament victory on his home soil.

Levy is currently at the tables here on Day 1a of ANZPT Sydney and poetically (Read: conveniently for this blog post) is seated next to a Melbournian who has a poker resume to rival his own. Jackie Glazier, who we wrote about earlier, is one player Levy would probably rather not have on his left. However, that hasn't stopped Glazier and Levy from rumbling in a few pots and partaking in some friendly and we are sure, competitive, banter between hands.


Glazier watches Levy do what he does best

If the Melbournian versus Sydney rivalry is ever to come to a conclusion than we propose that it's done on a poker table in the Sydney Opera House, while the AFL Footy Show is aired. Or better yet, I'm from Melbourne and I say Melbourne wins. Or perhaps we'll just lay the whole rivalry on the line with a last longer bet between Grant Levy and Jackie Glazier. Speaking of Glazier, check out her interview with Lynnn Gilmartin below.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Sydney