ANZPT Sydney: How the Tables Have Turned

When the final table began, Dejan Divkovic had a huge chip lead. That's not exaggerating. He literally had almost three times his nearest opponent and a third of the chips in play. Oh, how the tables have turned. The chip counts at the final table have now evened out and it is actually one of the original final table short stacks in Dominik Nitsche who currently has the chip lead. But, first let us tell you about our ninth-place finisher.

The only player with fewer chips than Dominik Nitsche at the start of the final table was Rick Solomon. Unlike Nitsche, Solomon wasn't able to run up his stack though and unfortunately was the first player to be eliminated at the final table. Solomon's final hand was an unlucky one. We say unlucky because usually when a short stack looks down at pocket kings, they are ready to party. Unfortunately this party would be crashed into by the pocket rockets of David Campion. Gasps were heard from the rail as the hands hit the felt and when no help came for Solomon, he graciously made his way out of the tournament area in ninth place.


Rick Solomon Eliminated in 9th Place

Unsurprisingly it was Dejan Divkovic who was dictating a lot of the action during the early stages of eight-handed play. Divkovic rumbled with several players at the final table, even sending a double up to Dinesh Alt. That hand was only a small dent to Divkovic's stack though. The majority of his chips would go into the hands of Germany's Dominik Nitsche.

The massive hand that would become the largest of the final table so far began when Nitsche opened to 60,000 from under the gun. Divkovic, directly on Nitsche's left, three bet to 125,000. Back on Nitsche and he would four-bet to 225,000. Divkovic wasted little time before five-betting to 365,000. The play was back on Nitsche and he would six-bet all in - making it 530,000 extra for Divkovic to call. Divkovic studied his opponent, eventually opting to splash in the call.

Divkovic: A♥T♦
Nitsche: A♣K♠

The rail once again gasped at what they were seeing and then let out a few more noises when the dealer turned over a dramatic K♦T♥2♥ flop. The 2♠ turn and the 3♣ weren't harmful to Nitsche and with that he scooped up the pot and moved his stack to just under 2 million in chips, while Divkovic is down to his lowest point in quite some time, sitting with a stack of 1.3 million.


Dejan and Dominik have been rumbling like crazy at the ANZPT Sydney final table

It was relatively quick getting to the final table, and while the action has been quite furious, the play has seemingly slowed right down as we have not lost a player in well over 90 minutes. We are sure that is bound to change soon though, so keep clicking on the PokerStarsBlog for more ANZPT Sydney excitement.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Sydney