ANZPT Sydney: Poker Players Safe From Ellen Fever

While around 100 players continue to ruffle chips, fold hands and hope to make it through the night, something very different to poker is currently happening outside of the walls of The Star. People all over Sydney have caught a fever. It's an epidemic of apocalyptic proportions and inside the walls of this poker room may be the only place the players are safe. What kind of fever, you ask? Ellen fever.

This morning, just a short distance from The Star, Ellen DeGeneres arrived at the banks of Sydney Harbour to the sound of more than 3,000 adoring fans. We can't confirm it, but we are pretty sure a few of the short stacks from this morning were seen cheering themselves up with a bit of Ellen fun this afternoon. We could think of worse ways to spend the day after busting a poker tournament.


Next year's rail at ANZPT Sydney (image courtesy of TheDailyTelegraph)

Like her, love her, or hate her, there is no doubting that Ellen is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry and her coming to Sydney is sure to keep the fat cats of the New South Wales government very happy. Ellen was busy tweeting great things about Sydney to her twitter fan base of more than 17 million followers and had this to say following the filming of her show: "That was incredible. I'm so grateful to my friends & everyone who showed up in Sydney that made this a day I'll never forget." Any good publicity for Sydney, and Australia, can only be a good thing for this nation and therefore, poker in this country! Maybe a few of those twitter followers are international poker players and will take Ellen's advice and make their way down to play the next ANZPT!

For those that are wondering how this is relevant to poker, well, apparently Ellen is no slouch on the felt herself. Apparently Ellen even managed to teach Cameron Diaz how to play poker and since then both mega celebrities have been seen in Vegas at the poker tables. Maybe now she has wrapped up filming her special Sydney edition of the Ellen DeGeneres Show we will see Ellen grinding the cash game tables here at The Star.

One player who has been too busy at the felt today to take notice of the Ellen fever happening in the real world is local player Brendon Rubie. Recently arriving from the USA after a short stint playing on the World Poker Tour, Rubie has had a great couple of days of poker to see himself sit as one of the chip leaders here on Day 2 of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. Check out Lynn Gilmartin's interview with Rubie below.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Sydney