ANZPT Sydney: Setting Lines on Day 1b

One of the usual talking points before the start of the final Day 1 flight is how many players us here in the media think will take to the felt. Last night (Read: only a few hours ago) 209 players partook in Day 1a of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. This morning, ANZPT head honcho Danny McDonagh has set the line at 222 players for today's Day 1b. Being that McDonagh is the man in the know, we won't argue with his line, but we will throw a couple of bucks on the over and hope that we make our way toward 250 players.

If McDonagh is correct, and we have done the maths properly, then this year's ANZPT Sydney Main Event will have seen 432 players create a prize pool nearing $900,000. That's a few players shy of last year's 461-player field, but well up on 2011's 393 players. Of course, all of this is only guess work and in good time we will be able to tell you exactly how many players have taken to the tables of The Star to try and become the next ANZPT Sydney champion.


The tables are filling at ANZPT Sydney

As this very blog piece is being typed, the players have scrambled into their seats and the dealers have started doing what they do best. Just around where we in the media are stationed we have spotted Brad Bower, Milan Gurung, Trung Tran, Octavian Voegele recent ANZPT Perth 2nd-place finisher Iori Yogo, Australian Poker Hall of Fame members Leo Boxell and David Gorr, along with 2009 APPT Sydney champion Aarton Benton.

Once again The Star poker room is split into two sections, divided by vast spaces of casino floor, dining tables and dozens of table games and video poker machines. Over here by the media desk, in the sports bar section, the players are surrounded with at least two dozen flat screen TVs currently showing cricket, basketball, horse racing and what looks like woman's field hockey. On the other side of the casino, well, they are surrounded by Rapid Roullette and poker machines. The ultimate goal for the players on the other side of the room is to slowly break their way into this section. If by the end of the night they are over in the sports bar, they know they have made Day 2.


Just some of the space between the ANZPT Sydney tables

Once again the PokerStarsBlog will be here all day providing you with plenty of colourful stories as they unfold throughout Day 1b of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. Be sure to also check out the live reporting blog with courtesy from our friend Mateusz Pater at PokerNews for all the live updates and chip counts that will keep you clicking refresh all day long.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Sydney