ANZPT Sydney: So Close to Field Size Glory

It's that time of the day that we tell you all about the prize pool. That's right, all the numbers are in, the paper work has been done and the prizes have been locked in place. In the end it was 254 players who partook in the action on Day 1b, which added with the 206 (previously 209, but corrected after a clerical error) from Day 1a, means the Season 5 ANZPT Sydney Main Event has hosted a 460-player field.


The tables are full to the brim on Day 1b of ANZPT Sydney

After some work with the calculators, 460 players means that the prize pool is exactly $920,000. Of that amount, $226,320 is reserved for the eventual champ, while the top 54 players will be going home with at least $3,680 for their time. A final table appearance is worth at least $17,480 and from there the money starts increasing dramatically. Check out the link below for more information.

Click here for full ANZPT Sydney prize pool and payout information

For those wondering how this year's ANZPT Sydney Main Event compares to the seasons of past, we can tell you that it was oh-so-close to becoming the second largest ANZPT Sydney in the history of the event. This is because unfortunately 460 is just one player less than last year's 461-player field and so with that, Season 5 ANZPT Sydney is the third largest event of the tournament's history. That's certainly a solid result though and one that ANZPT head honcho Danny McDonagh is very happy with.

"We are very pleased with the field size maintaining a similar size to last year's ANZPT Sydney," said McDonagh. "Especially pleasing has been record side events in the lead up to the main event."

"It's also great to have an almost a $1 million prize pool here in Sydney, which is about what we expect in the upcoming ANZPT Repechage in Melbourne," McDonagh added.

While it's nice to discuss the money this early into the tournament, for the around 150 players still remaining here on Day 1b, and the 86 survivors from Day 1a, it's back to the grinding stations as it won't be until late into Day 2 that the money will become relevant. In the meantime though, it's nice to dream, so why not check out some of the things the winner could spend their money on here in Sydney as Lynn Gilmartin gives us a tour in the video below.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Sydney