ANZPT Sydney: Two cards or four, it doesn't matter

With the tournament clock telling us there is more than 200 players registered on Day 1a of ANZPT Sydney, it's somewhat easy for all the players to start looking the same. Hoodies, hats and headphones at every table... Rinse, repeat. One player who stands out like a sore thumb, and for more reasons than one, is Australia's current first lady of poker, Jackie Glazier. Surrounded by the hooded figures of the opposite sex certainly doesn't faze Glazier and that's no different here in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.


Don't let the smile fool you, she will take your chips

For several years Jackie Glazier has been fighting it out with the boys, and sometimes the girls, paving her way into the Australian poker record books. When talking about Glazier it's not really a question of what has she accomplished, it's more a question of what hasn't she accomplished. Glazier has countless victories and deep runs in poker tournaments all around the world that has allowed her to accumulate just shy of $1 million in tournament results. It seems every other week is simply a chance for Glazier to win a tournament, or at least, go damn close. This week it was the latter, as Glazier added another title to her glowing poker resume.

Glazier winning a tournament isn't all that surprising for those that understand just how good this gal can play poker, but it might surprise some to find out that this victory came in a pot-limit omaha tournament. It's not that Glazier is known for being a bad omaha player, it's more that up until this point in her career 99% of Glazier's illustrious tournament record is made up of hold'em variants of the game. Four cards, two cards, it's no different to Glazier as she seemingly only knows how to do one thing in the poker world and that's win. In saying that though, Glazier has never managed an ANZPT victory, but we are sure she wants to change that this weekend.

While it would be a huge achievement for Glazier personally if she won an ANZPT title, it would also be a new mark in the record books of the ANZPT. This is because there has never been a female ANZPT champion. The closest call was actually here in Sydney back on Season 1 of the tour. It was 2009 and the first-ever ANZPT Sydney Main Event would see Lisa Walsh take home $162,690 when she finished as the runner-up to Paren Arzoomaniam. Since then, we have seen several ladies at ANZPT final tables, but no other has gone as close as Walsh. If Glazier has anything to say about it, that will change this week.


Glazier representing The Star, hopes to win at The Star

It's only early days here in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event, and it might be a long shot, but if we were the betting kind here at the PokerStarsBlog, we would have our money on Glazier to win, well, just about anything. We just hope that Glazier remembers how to play holdem now that she is a champion of omaha. Somehow we are confident she'll have no problems.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Sydney