ANZPT Auckland: David Lim reigns supreme

There were a few non-believers in the 'This Is It' theory, but they have been proven very, very wrong here on another whirlwind ANZPT Auckland final table. And Danny McDonagh is demanding an apology.

In under six hours of play, the twelve players that started the day have been reduced to just one, with PokerStars qualifier David Lim the last man standing to be crowned our ANZPT Auckland champion.

The heads-up battle with fellow Aussie Nathan Gubieski followed the trend of the entire day as it didn't take long for the chips to fly into the middle. Lim opened the button with a raise, Gubieski three-bet, Lim four-bet and Gubieski shoved. Lim had no hesitation in calling it off with Q♣Q♥ to have Gubieski at risk with A♣T♦.

The board ran out J♠8♠J♦6♦6♣ and just like that, a new ANZPT champion was crowned.


Earlier in the day, three of our remaining twelve players would fall short of a final table berth. That was unfortunate for Jason Cook, Raybon Kan and our last female remaining in Angela Brewster who were the first three to go today but they were comforted by the fact they had each secured their biggest ever cash result here in Auckland.


Amant Nauhria and David Lim were the big chip leaders and the pressure was on the short stacks when the final table got under way. Dean Stevenson lost a coin flip to fall in 9th place before likable Ia Rimamaki ran ace-queen into ace-king to fall in 8th.

Our lone representative of the Cook Islands was Brad Stafford but he ran his pocket nines into pocket queens to fall in 7th place before Stanislav Chataline was undone in 6th place when his pair and flush draw couldn't get past Amant Nauhira's two pair.

If things had been a little wild to get to this point, then they were about to get even crazier.

Nicolas Oger called himself the "crazy French guy" and he's probably feeling a little dizzy tonight after a brutal one-outer brought his tournament to a dramatic end. Oger was all in with A♥K♣ against David Lim's K♦K♥ and thought Christmas had come early when an ace appeared on the flop. The turn was a blank but the river was the most devastating king of spades that Oger will ever see as he was bundled out in 5th place.


With four players left it was David Lim who started to gain control to make his run at the title.

Kiwi Paul Gahan flew under the radar but made a stand with king-queen against Lim's pocket tens. Another baby board would see the pair hold as Gahan was out in 4th place, and it would take just one more hand for Lim to claim the scalp of the giant-killing Amant Nauhria.


In many ways, the rise and fall of Nauhria was the story of the tournament. He led on day one. He led on day two. And he was dominant in the early stages of the final day today. But with plenty of chips in hand, Nauhria continued to splash around and when the luck turned, he was slowly, but surely, chopped back down to Earth. Lim struck the final blow when his A♣J♣ held against Q♣9♣ to send Nauhria out in 3rd place.

Lim would carry a two-to-one chip advantage into heads-up play but Nathan Gubieski was a strong competitor who had performed well throughout the tournament. However it didn't take long for a heads-up cooler to separate the two with Gubieski collecting NZ$70,290 for his runner-up result.

A big congratulations to Australian David Lim who displayed impressive skill and fantastic composure today to thoroughly deserve the title and NZ$110,760 in prize money.


ANZPT Auckland final table results
1st David Lim - NZ$110,760
2nd Nathan Gubieski - NZ$70,290
3rd Amant Nauhria - NZ$39,618
4th Paul Gahan - NZ$31,950
5th Nicolas Oger - NZ$26,625
6th Stanislav Chataline - NZ$22,365
7th Brad Stafford - NZ$18,105
8th Ia Rimamaki - NZ$13,845
9th Dean Stevenson - NZ$10,650

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That wraps up our coverage from the ANZPT Auckland Main Event. Many thanks to Toni Quedley and the SKYCITY Auckland team for their fantastic hospitality throughout the week. We love coming back to Auckland as they always make us feel part of the family.

The next major event on the Australasian poker calendar is the 20th anniversary edition of the Macau Poker Cup which runs from January 10-21, 2014 in Macau, before the APPT Aussie Millions hits Crown Melbourne from February 2-9, 2014. You can qualify for both of those events right now online on PokerStars.

Thanks for following along and we look forward to seeing you at the next event! Until then, it's good night from Auckland!

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