ANZPT Auckland Day 1a: Easy come, easy go

The Australia New Zealand Poker Tour provides some of the best structures you'll ever find for a $2,200 buy-in event. One hour levels and 20,000-chip start banks should provide plenty of game time for our players. With a field of just 44 players here on Day 1a, you'd expect action and bustouts to be few and far between, but even in the early levels of play today we've seen some dramatic eliminations.

New Zealand regular Jack Efaraimo was one of the first notable casualties of the day. Efaraimo was spotted talking on the rail to ANZPT Commissioner Danny McDonagh.

"You playing tomorrow, Jack?" asked McDonagh.

Efaraimo just gave a chuckle before recalling that his aces were cracked before losing another big pot with ace-king to be sent to an early rail.


Big cards cracked. Coolers. Bad beats. It can happen.

But then we saw Jesse McKenzie on the rail, and his bustout story was a little more surreal.

McKenzie had three-bet preflop and then continuation bet on a A♠9♠2♥ flop. His opponent check-raised and McKenzie called to see the 7♥ hit the turn. Another bet and a call and the river was a repeat ace. McKenzie's opponent moved all in to put the former ANZPT Adelaide runner-up to a decision for all of his chips. McKenzie made the call.

"You got me," said the player as he motioned his cards towards the muck.

"I've only got king-high," said a surprised McKenzie, showing K♠5♠.

"Oh, a pair of sevens," replied the player, opening T♣7♣ for just a pair of sevens.

Just like that, McKenzie's tournament came to an end holding king-high.

20,000 chips sounds like a lot, and it is, but it doesn't matter if your aces are cracked or you make the wrong hero call with king-high, your tournament can be brought to an end at any moment.

It doesn't seem like Efaraimo or McKenzie are too fussed - they are currently enjoying themselves on a nearby $2/4 cash game table, with plenty of laughs shared and bad beats inflicted.


Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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