ANZPT Auckland Day 1c: The adventures of Tollgate

Tom Grigg's poker game is much like life itself. It's all just one big adventure.

The man known as "Tollgate" wasn't sure if he was going to even make it here for the ANZPT Auckland Main Event. As a Full Tilt Poker ambassador for the ANZPT, he was keen to be part of the event, but a passport that was soon to expire, and a trip to the Australian Passport Office, meant that things got a little complicated.

"Of course I left it last minute and then had to rush through the application," explained Grigg, but rush they did and two days later he found himself boarding a flight to Auckland.

"The flight was delayed so I didn't get in until late last night," Grigg added, but even finding a hotel to get a good night's sleep is a challenge.

"The place I'm staying in is a dive. I think it might be a brothel," Grigg laughed as he recalled his journey so far. But even passport problems, flight delays and some dodgy accommodation hasn't stopped him taking his seat on Day 1c of the ANZPT Auckland Main Event.

However the adventure has only just begun.


Grigg started out the ANZPT Auckland Main Event in fine form. He turned the nut straight to better the smaller straight of ANZ Player of the Year runner-up Luke Brabin. The chips went in and Brabin was sent home as Grigg found himself as one of the early chip leaders.

Then he started to give those chips back.

Most recently, Grigg clashed in a hand with Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang. Grigg raised preflop and bet the flop, before Huang check-raised the turn. Grigg called and then paid off Huang's bet on the river to see Huang show a flopped flush draw that rivered top pair. That was enough to take the pot as Grigg tossed his cards to the muck.

Grigg slipped back under his starting stack after having to contend with a rather tough table that included Brabin, Huang and also former ANZPT Melbourne champion Paul Hockin. However Grigg did get some good news when he was told that his table was breaking.

"Good. This table is raping me," chuckled Grigg, as he racked up his chips and ventured off to a new table for the start of a whole new adventure.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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