ANZPT Auckland Day 2: Blatt goes splatt

The bubble has burst here in the ANZPT Auckland Main Event and it was appropriately brutal. It's already devastating enough for whoever feels the pain of the bubble but that is only compounded when a bad beat is inflicted by a river card from hell.

Dean Blatt was the man in the danger zone, and he knew it. He sat quietly as the short stack during hand-for-hand play, hoping that someone on another table might sacrifice themselves. He was often out of his chair, patrolling the other shorties, and while there were a few moments where it looked like someone else might fall, ultimately he ran out of time.


When the blinds rolled through again, another chunk was taken out of his stack and Blatt was forced to make a move. When Slade Fisher opened the button to 9,000, Blatt looked down at Q♠J♣ in the small blind. He glanced over at the other tables, gave a shrug and then moved all in for his last 21,000. Fisher made the easy call with Q♦8♦ and Blatt was in great shape to double up and stay alive.

The flop landed A♥3♦7♠ which was safe for Blatt. The turn was the A♣ which did bring some chop possibilities, but still a very safe card. Then the dealer burned and revealed the 8♠ - a three-outer for Fisher to crush the dreams of Blatt in a heart beat. Blatt would take home nothing but a story to tell from Auckland as he headed to the rail to drown his sorrows.


Meanwhile the remaining 24 players gave a round of applause as they are now all safely in the money and guaranteed at least NZ$3,834 for their time in the ANZPT Auckland Main Event.

The man leading the way is Anesone Bragouits who has been completely dominant on his table today.


Bragouits got chips in the early levels and hasn't looked back as he's bullied and bashed his table throughout the day. He's up to around 550,000 for a clear chip lead over the field, but things are about to get interesting as the pressure is off and the players start to eye the elusive final table.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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