ANZPT Auckland Day 2: Tales from the bubble

The bubble is always a fun time of any poker tournament. Well, it's fun to watch, perhaps not so much fun to play. We're now into Level 14 of play, and the seventh of the day, in the ANZPT Auckland Main Event and our remaining 31 players are starting to smell the cash for the top 24 players.

It's not the biggest bubble in the world, but still, NZ$3,834 is a rather handy slice of the pie. Of course the money, and the honour of cashing in an ANZPT Main Event, means something different for each and every player left in the field.

For Parvin Harji, he's been in this place before. In fact, it was 12 months ago in this very poker room that Harji broke through for his first major cash result.

Harji was probably a little nervous that day approaching the bubble, but he ended up surviving and then thriving to go on to finish 3rd for a NZ$55,000 score. Since then he's gone on to pick up two other cashes in ANZPT/APPT Main Events, so the bubble should hold no fears.


Pravin Harji and Koray Turker in action approaching the bubble

To his direct left, we find Koray Turker. The young Kiwi has reportedly won plenty online, but although he has one other APPT cash to his credit, this would actually be his first-ever cash on the ANZPT. Turker has experienced some big blow-ups at this stage of the tournament in the past, so he will be happy if he can notch a result here, but no doubt he'll be craving a final table, a big score and hopefully his first major title to confirm his status as one of the country's finest young players.

We also have one female player left in the field with Angela Brewster doing the girls proud. Her record shows only one only result in a Ladies Event, so this will be her first major cash in an open event. No doubt that achievement will mean something for Brewster so she'll be doing her best to make it through the next seven eliminations safely.

Angela Brewster representing the ladies

All of our remaining players each have their own unique story to tell, but they all share one thing in common - they want that cash!

Things will probably tighten up and get a little tense over the next hour as we keep a close eye on proceedings as we inch towards the money and pop that pesky bubble!

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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