ANZPT Auckland Day 3: Reaching new heights

In doing a little research about our final twelve players in the ANZPT Auckland Main Event, we couldn't help but be surprised by their lack of previous experience on the poker table.

It's rare to see nowadays on a major tour. Perhaps in the early days, you might find a group of new players reach the final day of play with no real previous experience, but often you'll get one or two seasoned professionals make it through to ruin the party.

Yet here we are, in Season 6 of the ANZPT, and we had a final twelve players with no real tournament experience between them. None of the twelve had ever made it this far in a major tournament before. None of them had ever cashed on the ANZPT.

In fact, if we combined the career earnings of the twelve players, we would barely have enough for 3rd place prize money today.

Chip leader Amant Nauhria has the most previous experience with just over $17,500 in career winnings through a couple of small results in Goa in India. If we look at the other eleven players, we don't even reach $20,000 in results combined. Five of the players don't have any previous cashes at all!

If we remove Nauhria from the equation, the other eleven had already achieved their biggest ever tournament result here today, regardless of where they finished. So we can only imagine how much the NZ$110,760 top prize is going to mean to them today. It's a huge score relative to their previous experience and arguably the ratio of experience to prize money at this point is one of the highest you'll ever see in a major tournament.

So will the pressure of the cash get to our players?

We needed to lose three players to reach the final table, with Jason Cook, Raybon Kan and our last female player, Angela Brewster, the unlucky ones to miss out.


Brewster's last stand came with K♠Q♦ against Nathan Gubieski's A♥9♦. The board bricked out 7♣5♦T♥J♠2♠ to see Brewster depart in 10th place and our final table line up set as follows:

Seat 1: Dean Stevenson - 115,500
Seat 2: David Lim - 1,124,000
Seat 3: Stanislav Chataline - 125,000
Seat 4: Ia Rimamaki - 246,000
Seat 5: Amant Nauhria - 1,409,000
Seat 6: Nathan Gubieski - 473,500
Seat 7: Brad Stafford - 91,000
Seat 8: Paul Gahan - 236,500
Seat 9: Nicolas Oger - 249,000

With the final introductions done and photos taken, the nine players have taken their seats for the biggest table they have ever played - the official ANZPT Auckland Main Event final table.


Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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