ANZPT Auckland Day 3: The rise and fall

Two players have fallen in two consecutive hands to now leave an all-Australian battle with Nathan Gubieski to take on David Lim for the ANZPT Auckland Main Event title.

Kiwi Paul Gahan was the first of the quartet to depart in a coinflip with David Lim. Gahan had managed to quietly progress into the final four after staying out of trouble, but as the short stack, he made a move all in with K♣Q♦. Lim called with T♦T♠ and we were racing. The board ran out 4♥5♦7♥6♦6♠ to see the tens hold and leave Gahan to pick up NZ$31,950 for 4th place.


It would then take only one more hand for four to become three.

The rise and fall of Amant Nauhria was as exciting and spectacular as it was brutal. Nauhria had virtually led this tournament for the best part of three days, but things just didn't go to plan on the final table.

Nauhria picked up chips early to extend his advantage at the top, but he continued to splash around and was chopped down blow-by-blow before he made his final stand.

With a dead button, David Lim raised the small blind to 40,000 before Nauhria jammed all in for around 300,000, or around fifteen big blinds. Lim had no hesitation in making the call with A♣J♣ as Nauhria would need to improve with Q♣9♣.

The board ran out T♠K♣6♠6♥3♣ and just like that Nauhria's run came to an end in 3rd place for NZ$39,618. Nauhria triples his career earnings, but misses an opportunity at the trophy.

That opportunity now goes to Nathan Gubieski and PokerStars qualifier David Lim. It's Lim with the chip lead, holding 2.8 million chips to Gubieski's 1.3 million. Interestingly, Gubieski pitched the idea of a potential deal, but Lim wasn't interested. It's game on with the ANZPT Auckland trophy now on the table!

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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