ANZPT Auckland Day 3: This is it?

An hour and a half into the day and we've already lost five players. We were all starting to think we were well on track for a quick finish today, but then this happened...

"This is IT!" exclaimed ANZPT head honcho Danny McDonagh. Oh no. It's those famous last words. The ones that completely jinx whatever progress we were making. The ones that have now consigned us to certain doom on a tortuous final table that is now destined to go all night. God help us if we miss the player's party tonight Danny!

The first two eliminations on the final table happened in a flash. First it was Australian Dean Stevenson who three-bet jammed from the button with A♦K♣ but David Lim woke up in the small blind with J♥J♠ and made the call. The board would fan out T♠5♥6♥3♠6♣ to leave Stevenson on the rail in 9th place for a NZ$10,650 score.


He was soon followed by the larger than life Ia Rimamaki.

Rimamaki committed himself with A♠Q♥ but ran into the A♣K♥ of Frenchman Nicolas Oger. Once again the board was all bricks as it landed 7♠5♥2♠5♦3♣ to see Rimamaki to the rail in 8th place. He took home NZ$13,845 for his efforts.


There are now just three Kiwis left in contention for their home crown, and for the first time all tournament, they are outnumbered by the overseas invasion. Can they keep this title on home soil?

The rich have got richer so far today with Amant Nauhria and David Lim still holding most of the chips. They are only one good pot short of a combined three million in chips which is almost three-quarters of the chips in play. That's a staggering number. It also means we have several short stacks with Nicolas Oger and Paul Gahan under twenty big blinds, while Brad Stafford and Stanislav Chataline are in the desperation zone with about ten big blinds.

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