ANZPT6 Melbourne Day 3: Caruana misses FT; Bryce runs into rockets

The craziness of the final table bubble finally came to an end with the elimination of Michael Caruana.

His final hand saw Vincent Chua open to 75,000 before Caruana moved all for 560,000 from the button. The blinds folded and Chua gave the decision some thought.

"This might be it boys!" Chua yelled to his pals who have been sweating all the action in between hands on the nearby 20/40 Limit Omaha table.

Chua made the call with pocket nines and found himself in great shape against Caruana's pocket sevens. The dealer spread a seven-less board and Caruana was out in tenth place much to the delight of Chua's support crew as well as the remaining nine players.

The clock was paused and ANZPT Melbourne final table seats were drawn as follows:

Seat 1: Vincent Chua - 1,485,000
Seat 2: Edison Nguyen - 850,000
Seat 3: Wayde Rickhuss - 400,000
Seat 4: Dennis Huntly - 1,700,000
Seat 5: Dylan Honeyman - 995,000
Seat 6: Corey Kempson - 1,455,000
Seat 7: Gabriel Messo - 1,635,000
Seat 8: Cameron Bryce - 415,000
Seat 9: Luke Spano - 1,170,000


The 2014 ANZPT Melbourne final table

With a forty-minute dinner break to think about things, the players returned and it didn't take long for fireworks to erupt on the final table.

The short-stacked Cameron Bryce moved all in from early position with pocket sixes, Vincent Chua flat-called before Dennis Huntly moved all in over the top. Chua gave it some thought but eventually got out of the way as Huntly tabled pocket rockets!


Cameron Bryce watches on as the dealer cuts out the all-in bets

The board bricked out and Bryce would have to be content with $18,550 for his ninth place finish.

So we're down to eight and Dennis Huntly has increased his chip advantage over the field. He's up to 2,500,000 chips and gunning for the top prize of $253,000.

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